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Dear Hearts Ice Cream Corporate Office 2121 Elmwood Avenue Warwick, RI 02888  401-738-5000  fax 401-781-9977

24 Flavors of Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt with great toppings New for the 2017 Season

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Dear Hearts Cranston
Pawtuxet Village
Established 1980
2214 Broad Street
Cranston, RI 02905
1980: Established as a family run Ice Cream shop By George and Ellen Morton, Dear Hearts immediately became one of the Jewels of Historic Pawtuxet Village. Dear Hearts has served home made style ice cream made exclusively by Bliss Bros Dairy located in Attleboro, Mass. 

1998 the Mortons retired and the Butler Family purchased Dear Hearts as well as the Historic Building located in the Heart of Pawtuxet Village and on the Bridge between Cranston and Warwick.

2010: Dear Hearts entered its first Float into the Gaspee Day Parade which has now become an annual tradition to have the giant size ice cream cone on the float along with members of the Butler family and freinds. 

2014: Jeff Butler is happy to announce that for the 6th year in a row, again there will be no price increases.  Jeffs philosophy is to increase the number of customers to cover the increased annual expenses rather than passing those costs on to the loyal customers.

Our Newest Location

1855 South County Trail 

East Greenwich, RI 02818



Dear Hearts Warwick
Established 2004
2301 West Shore Road
Warwick, RI 02886
Established 2004
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